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The attorneys at Dawson, Passafuime, Bowden & Martinez are well versed in Premises Liability and Personal Injury Law. From our office in Scotts Valley, CA we help people in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, and surrounding Counties with all aspects of injuries related to commercial or residential premises.

Premises liability deals with a property owner’s responsibility to visitors and tenants for injuries that occur on the owner’s premises. This includes home residences, stores, and restaurants. A property owner normally has to exercise a duty of reasonable care in maintaining the premises. What constitutes reasonable care varied depending on the conditions or the premises, if the hazard is obvious, if the hazard is known to the property owner, and if the injured person in on the premises legally. A property owner who fails to exercise reasonable care may be held liable for an injured person’s medical bills and other damages.

At Dawson, Passafuime, Bowden & Martinez, our Premises Liability attorneys can help you if you have a personal injury from a property owner’s carelessness or negligence. A premises liability lawyer can represent you and help you get compensation for your injuries.

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